New business sign


Buying a business is a big decision. Let us help!

We have the experience to understand the motives behind the decision to buy a business, and will help develop financing strategies consistent with your resources and objectives.

We can actively seek out businesses which meet your criteria and liking.

If you’re looking to acquire a business, we will work with you and spend whatever time is necessary to fully understand your motives, growth objectives, and strategies.

We will develop a search plan to:

  • Establish the criteria for the business of your choice
  • Research and identify candidates
  • Effectively solicit their interest.

There is no fee for any business already listed with us. For a non-listed business, an agreement and a research fee may apply.

We provide valuation and price negotiation on your behalf.

You can depend on our confidentiality and support to get you the best price and protect your negotiating position.